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How to Add Fun into your Relationship

Valentine's Day should not be the only day of the year to have fun and celebrate with your loved one. A little creativity can go a long way in adding play and fun into daily activities ALL year round. Here are three steps by Gottman Certified Therapist Dr. Laura Silverman to make daily life more playful.

Step 1: prioritize joy

Make happiness a priority and find ways to intentionally make room for play.

Step 2: don’t wait for fun, go and get it

Holidays, vacations, weekends are not the only time you can have fun. Get creative with your partner to bring amusement into daily dull activities.

Step 3: plan your adventures

Spontaneity is hard to come by with life's responsibilities so schedule out date nights. Following through on planned adventures does not take the thrill away, the adventure still awaits.

There are several ways to add play into our daily communication, chores, and responsibilities. When was the last time you sent a flirty text to your partner? Maybe try cooking a new recipe together or trying new restaurants on weekly date nights. Get creative this V-day and everyday with these three tips!

By: Danyell Brown


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