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Jill and Sheena are both Park University Master of Social Work graduates. Their journey together started as classmates and has evolved into creating a successful private practice. Jill and Sheena initially started as therapists at Clinical Counseling Associates Inc., a private practice that has been established in the community for approximately 30 years. Even though both women are passionate about providing therapy services, they wanted to do more. In 2020, they purchased the practice and changed the name to Clinical Counseling Associates of Kansas City LLC. As owners, they began making changes to build an innovate, modern practice. They created specialized services and hired therapists with unique specialties. Some of the unique service options offered are the animal assisted therapy program, EMDR therapy, play therapy, discounted internship program, and military & first responder services. The main goal was to build a practice with several service options and modern counselors to meet the individualized needs of every client that walks through the door. In addition to meeting needs within the community, Jill and Sheena have a second goal of helping other clinicians achieve their goal of getting started with private practice. Throughout their own process, they recognized it is not easy and have since actively worked to help others achieve their dreams. Together, they plan to continue growing the practice throughout the Kansas City Metro area in effort to make quality services more available. Their journey is just beginning.
For more information on services, counselors, or to schedule an appointment please refer to additional pages on the website or give us a call!

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