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Take the Pressure Off Valentines Day... Even During a Pandemic

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year we are taught to show our partner we love them. Due to this notion, it often creates high expectations, which can be a source of conflict in relationships. Often, Valentine’s Day leads to overspending and over-planning. However, evidence shows that relationships aren’t built on presents or the perfect day together once a year but through the little moments we share everyday.

The most important part of a successful Valentine's Day is to enjoy the day together. Celebrate in a comfortable, affordable, and meaningful way. Even during a global pandemic, we can still have meaningful dates and a successful Valentine's Day without breaking the bank or leaving our home.

Here are some Ideas:

  • Stay in with a favorite movie

  • Bake or cook a new or favorite meal together

  • Dance to your wedding song

  • Teach each other about something you love

  • Do an at home “spa” night

  • Play board games

  • Ask each other open ended questions on the Gottman Card Deck App

Use this Valentine's Day at home to create a new ritual of connection in your relationship. This new emotional connection will help create meaningful Valentines Days to come and deepen your emotional connection. The best gift you could give your significant other is a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship.

We may use Valentine's Day as another day to show love to our partner, but it's important to revisit the idea that the most important moments in a relationship don’t happen in a single day but in little moments everyday. Use these tips for Valentine’s Day or ideas for the other 364 un-Valentine's Days that are just as important. For other date ideas read Eight Dates by John Gottman.

By: Danyell Brown


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