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Feline Therapist, ESA

Remi is five month old Snow Lynx Bengal kitten. His owner Sheena went all the way to Oklahoma to adopt him. Remi is Niko's half brother. They share the same dad. Remi is typical kitten. He spends his days playing, eating, napping, and purring loudly when he is happy. Remi’s favorite self-care activities include eating, running on his cat wheel, playing with his brother Niko, and snuggling with his mom. Follow Remi on his brothers Instagram page at NikoTheTherapyCatKC


Canine Therapist, ESA

Mika is a seven year old Siberian Husky. She came to live with Jill when she was a four month old puppy. Mika enjoys playing with her sister Ahri, going to the dog park, learning new tricks, and going for walks. Her favorite self-care activity is snuggling up with blankets and pillows on the couch. Mika is featured on her brother's Instagram account at DogtorThor.


Feline Therapist, ESA

Niko is two-year old Bengal cat. His owner Sheena went all the way to Oklahoma to adopt him. Niko is energetic and loves to play. He knows a few tricks like shaking paws and fetching. Niko’s favorite self-care activities include running on his cat wheel, playing with his dad, snuggling with his mom, watching birds, and visiting Bentley's Pet Store.
Follow Niko on Instagram at NikoTheTherapyCatKC


Retired Canine Therapist, ESA

Thor was a ten year old Siberian husky. He was adopted by Jill shortly before his fourth birthday. Thor brought joy to CCA patients for one and half years as an emotional support animal. He enjoyed playing with his two siblings, naps on the couch, and time with his owners. Thor’s favorite self-care activities included going for walks, eating frozen peanut butter Kong treats, and getting in his dog pool.
Follow Thor on Instagram at DogtorThor