• Kristi Powers

Is Therapy for Me?

The age-old question, is therapy the right decision for me? Most people who are considering counseling generally ask the same question. Feeling down, uninspired, tired, bored - these are all things that pretty much everyone has experienced from time to time, but does that mean therapy is the answer?

As the receptionist at CCA, I field calls that range from mild to extreme circumstances. Some people call with stories that tear at your heart strings, others just need someone to talk to, are struggling with relationships both romantic and platonic, family issues, stress, isolation, addiction - the list goes on and on. The short answer to the question is: therapy can benefit everyone.

In the past, counseling and therapy were somewhat frowned upon. It seemed surreal that someone would spend money to go sit in a room with a stranger and divulge their innermost thoughts. For those that have never experienced counseling, this may seem like a taboo idea, even scary or unsettling - the potential to be judged can be daunting. In reality, our clinicians are trained in a myriad of complex situations and issues in a judgement free zone to help our clients reach their mental health goals.

It's not uncommon to go to the doctor for a check up on your body, nor is it uncommon to go to the dentist for a checkup on your teeth... why have it be uncommon to go to someone for a check up on your mind? Mental health is crucial to your overall health - it can affect the way you think, the way you respond, the interactions you have (positive or negative) to your surroundings, it impacts essentially every part of day-to-day life. It does not mean that you are crazy! It means that you care about yourself enough to find an outlet and a way to express your feelings with someone who completely understands. A person who provides insight and coping mechanisms for when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

This past year has been incredibly enlightening regarding the fact humans crave relationships. Isolation can cause extreme reactions in the mind. Those boring days of going to the office and standing around the watercooler, transformed into pajamas on the couch and seeing coworkers through a screen. For some, that's still the reality they live in. For others, reentering the world caused stress and anxiety after spending so much time at home. Reaching out for counseling can provide a little dose of normality and a familiar face you can share your struggles with. This much I know to be true: You are not alone in those feelings.

This might be the perfect time to be aware of your own mental health. Problems big and small are worth discussing. If it causes distress, it results in no rest. Strength is not pretending there is nothing wrong. Strength is coming face-to-face with your fears and conquering them head on. Our therapists are here to provide you with strength. Everyone needs a rock to stand on from time to time. Why not let us be yours?

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation”. – Glenn Close

By: Kristiana Powers

Office Manager/Receptionist CCA KC

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